In Which Everything Falls Apart Because Life is Like That Sometimes school.EVER.

Shelby was asleep when I went to wake her up which is NEVER a good thing. She only likes to wake up on her own. So after she realized that wasn’t quite the catastrophe she thought it was, I got her dressed. In her uniform. Which she did not like. At all.

So, after we calmed down from that, I got her to sit and watch Spongebob while she played with her smurf figurines. Which is fine but she also refused to eat breakfast AND on top of all that, she was in violation of the no tv before school policy. Oh, and she can’t bring those figurines to school…

Anyway, I get her to the bus stop 20 minutes early as was requested by the school. Fifty minutes later and fifteen minutes before school started, the bus finally showed up. And she ended up being fifteen minutes late for school. It doesn’t count as a tardy but she’s a special needs student who missed the first 15 minutes of routine plus she messed up the entire routine for her classmates by coming in late and she’s supposed to get breakfast at school and yeah, that didn’t happen.

I’m at her bus stop 20 minutes early hoping for the best. 10 minutes later, a bus with her bus number comes by and drops off high school and middle school students. And is full of more of them. This is not good. I call her school. I leave a message with the assistant principal who is in charge of transportation. Her bus is considered dual-use. Meaning it runs a middle/high school route and then an elementary route. Judging by the number of kids on the bus, he still had at least 30 more minutes of drop offs before he got to Shelby’s school.

I called and spoke with the secretary who informed me that yes, Shelby was still at the school and no, her bus had not made it to the school yet and I could absolutely come and pick her up and she would personally see to it that Shelby was not put on the bus. I loaded up the boys and drove to school. Shelby was waiting with her teacher in the lobby area when we arrived. She let me know that none of the buses were on time. We came home.

Jeff showed up about five minutes later. His first question, why was the car out of the garage. So I had to tell him the whole story. The other elementary bus that goes through our neighborhood (which Joey will be riding) dropped kids off 2 hours after school let out. The bus Shelby was supposed to ride home on was almost 2 1/2. I was not pleased. I’ve let the school board know their ill-conceived and poorly executed plan needed major re-vamping. Yesterday. I also found out the bus driver’s first time driving the route is the first day of school so some of them have no idea where they are going or how to get there. Failure to plan is planning to fail my friends!

Then there was a minor blow-up on facebook in regards to a Catholic blogger that I like very much who became upset because a facebook friend shared her blog and I don’t know all the details of that post but the blogger was not tagged in the post and I think it may have been criticial of one of her recent posts and possibly ugly toward her personally. Again, I don’t know who posted it or why and I didn’t see their post, so I have to go on what I know. In 60+ comments blogging and facebook etiquette were hashed out. Then a Catholic blogger I like even more than the blogger I like very much posted that, the hell with facebook etiquette share and share some more, no need for tags or whatnot.

And I was already emotionally exhausted so I lay my head on my keyboard and sighed and tried not to cry because this-is-not-something-we-cry-about-and-there-are-people-with-real-problems-in-this-world. And I didn’t eat dinner because my adrenaline was out of control but I did have dessert. That wasn’t a good ideas but as far as ideas go, the only ones I could find were bad ones so…

Tomorrow is another day. Maybe the bus situation will resolve itself. Maybe it won’t. I have to work tomorrow evening and it is entirely possible that the kids won’t be home when I leave.

Until then, I have pre-K planning (today’s pre-K is another post) and Duck Dynasty to keep me company.