And so it begins…

I will have two children in school full time this week. Joey starts Kindergarten on Tuesday and Shelby is back tomorrow. Will and I will  begin the adventure of homeschool pre-K. And I have no idea what I’m doing for that. Planning how to learn is not my forte which would explain why I have never followed through on everyone’s desire for me to become a teacher. The idea of lesson-plans alone is a mountain I cannot begin to think of how to scale.

Anyway, I work three nights this week as well. This year is kind of a new-world-order for our family. Jeff will work days and I will work evenings and Saturdays. Which means, potentially, Jeff will handle homework, dinner, baths and bedtime by himself all week long. Which I handle breakfast, getting everyone up and on the bus and Will during the day all week, so it’s not like the keel is so unbalanced. But evening has long been Jeff’s time for planning. Which means he will be under more stress by me working than less. Sigh.

Probably the most difficult thing is Will not getting into Pre-K as it would have allowed me to work during the day and us to share the burden of Joey and Shelby’s homework plus 20 minutes of reading time for each, making and serving dinner, cleaning up, baths and prayers at bedtime. I will get the kids off the bus and hopefully started on homework so that they’ve made a dent in it by the time I have to leave for work and give Jeff some time to get his stuff done.

This week Joey only goes to school 3 days and they are the 3 days I am working. Which means that we will be getting tested right at the get-go. This week will be the litmus test to see how the year will function. I am hoping that it goes perfectly and we can just muddle through this year til Will can go to kindergarten next fall and in the mean time, Will can learn a whole lot so that when he goes for his kindergarten assessment next summer he wows them like Joey did.

I never envisioned having 2/3 of my kids in school being this stressful. But, it’s what God gave me to work with. And I am grateful to have anything to work with.

Today I signed Joey up for Faith Formation. He is so excited about it. He could barely contain himself when we went to sign up. How did I get so blessed to have a five-year-old on fire for faith? I thank the Holy Spirit and give Him FULL CREDIT. He and his brother now cross their Mario and Luigi plus toys and have them say grace before imagining them tearing into a pizza or lasagna. Someone once predicted one of them (their prediction said most likely Will) would enter into the priesthood. They were very young at the time of this prediction and I kind of laughed it off and neither have ever expressed any inclinations toward a priestly vocation, but I hold hope of raising to holy, Godly men and if one becomes a priest, or both, that would be the icing on the cake.

So, here we are, at the start of the school year and giving it all up to Holy Spirit that His discretion is always perfect in the face of my imperfect decisions and choices. May God Bless all of you as you start (or continue) your school years.