Seven Random Things I Learned This Summer

— 1 —

It is possible to not have drought in the summer in the southeast. Really. Now we are just praying for no hurricanes/tropical storms.

— 2 —

There is a Mennonite community just up the road (well interstate) from us. While we were waiting for the ferry to leave Ocracoke, I took the boys to the bathroom and there were two Mennonite women in there with a baby. They were very friendly and asked where we were from. When I told her, she said, “well, we’re from a little town north of there that you’ve probably never heard of called B—–.” I laughed and said, “I know EXACTLY where that is, we drive by there to see my mother-in-law in G—–.” This town they live in is a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” type of place and yet, I knew the place rather well. Or so I thought. I had no clue there was a very active Mennonite community there.

— 3 —

I can read real books still. Am I sounding stupid saying that? Because I surely feel stupid saying it. But, yeah, fiction, non-fiction, it’s all coming back to me…

— 4 —

It can get down in the 50s at night in August. Well, maybe not everywhere but it did 2 of the nights we were in Delaware!

— 5 —

My kids are ridiculously good at annoying each other. I mean, they’d sweep medals if it were an Olympic competition. Just this past Wednesday, while one played the Wii, the other (who wanted to play) sang Party Rock Anthem at the top of his lungs and very off-key. It was a masterpiece of annoyance. And it worked too.

— 6 —

The threat of not getting to go to kindergarten because of bad behavior…WORKS. Who knew? Now we’ll see if it ever works again. That’s the real trick

— 7 —

My best traveling music is 1) Country 2) 80’s 3) 90’s 4) 70’s and 5) Talk….seriously. And my kids were introduced to this while on the road:

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  1. really!?!? u have to tell me about this menonite community. that’s interesting!! I want to go visit 🙂 exactly what they don’t want probably haha

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