For those who believe Pope Francis is not Pro-Life enough

I offer this in rebuttal…

Pope Francis


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There is Pope Francis, stopping the Popemobile and “letting the little children come unto (him).” For those with disabilities. Those who might have been aborted if their parents had not chosen life. By publicly embracing them, Pope Francis is sending the world a message. All life has value. The lives of those with disabilities, have value. 

May of you have probably heard of or read The Letter by now. I couldn’t make it all the way through. But while the suggestion to euthanize the young man at the center of this controversy because of his diagnosis of autism is widely being denounced, there is a larger monkey in this room. Euthanizing this young man before his birth in the form of abortion would be considered okay by most. In fact it would be considered an act of mercy. You read that right, mercy. There is nothing merciful about ripping an unborn child from its mother’s womb in pieces because of an extra chromosome or missing limb or developmental delay. And as scientists are beginning to find various genetic markers linked to autism,  you can be sure pre-natal testing for it will be down the pike shortly. And then, women can test for and, if they get a less than desirable result, choose to legally murder their child if they want. Just as they can now for Down Syndrome. Or cystic fibrosis. Or Trisomy 18. Or any disability they are told their baby may have.

Look at those little boys in the bottom picture. Technology exists today that could tell while they were in the womb that they were rocking the third replication of the 21st chromosome. And they could legally be murdered for those results. And yet, they were not, and they were blessed and loved on by a Pope.

People are making the brave choice to trust God and forego pre-natal testing or proceed with pregnancies where they know the outcome may not be a “typical healthy child” in fewer and fewer cases now. People are murdering unborn babies in the name of eugenics more and more often. Hitler’s perfect race may come to pass sooner than we believe.

But love is working in our world too. And when Pope Francis shows unbridled, unabashed love for individuals with disabilities; when he kisses them; when he stops the Popemobile for them; when he blesses them; then he is showing the world the next step, the next wave of the pro-life movement. He is showing that these people’s lives are truly gifts given by our Heavenly Father. He is showing the scared couple who’ve gotten uncertain news, that their unborn child deserves life and can lead a life that is full and special and meaningful. A life that can change hearts and minds.

And while we very publicly assert that a boy like Max in The Letter should not be euthanized we should also be quick to assert that all individuals with disabilities deserve the chance at a life. Even if those individuals are unborn.


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