All kinds of internet awesomeness

1. Jennifer Fulwiler went for beer and left with a cat

When he came home from work on Monday, he looked around in anticipation, evidently expecting the cat to come running up to him. “That’s a dog thing,” I informed him. Joe then called Arnold’s name to summon him, and was surprised when he received only silence in response. “Also a dog thing,” I said. Joe asked how we’re supposed to know where the cat is at all times if it doesn’t come when we call, and I explained that that’s simply not part of the cat-owning experience. Sometimes you don’t know where your cat is. That’s how it goes. Joe rejected the idea, and announced cheerfully that he’ll solve the problem by putting one of those beeping locator things on the cat’s collar. We have them attached to our car keys and remote controls, and it’s handy to be able to press a button when we’ve misplaced them and follow the beep-beep-beep sound to wherever they are. I told Joe that you can’t use those things for pets, and when he asked why not, I drew a blank. I don’t know. You just…can’t. I looked at him like he was crazy and he looked at me like I was crazy and we dropped the subject, but I have a feeling this is not over. I think Joe envisions that it will shortly become part of his after-work routine to walk in the front door, press the beeper remote, and locate his cat. If he can’t have a real pet like a dog that comes bounding up to him when he comes home, this is second best.

2. Who cannot wait for Christmas? This girl. Thanks to this awesome news courtesy of Creative Minority Report.

3. Also courtesy of Creative Minority Report, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson on George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Jefferson and the RIGHT TO LIFE. 

4. In Pope Emeritus news, Benedict XVI, our wonderful Papa Emeritus has said his resignation was the result of a mystical experience.

5. From Julie Davis at Happy Catholic, this great post on Mark 7:24-30.

This makes me wonder is my faith strong or lukewarm … am I expecting enough from God?

6. Over at Catholic Exchange, what happened when a man went looking for quality paint brushes…and how it offers a new way of Evangelization.

7. From Rod Dreher at the American Conservative, what happened when the WIC program was re-vamped and who is holding up more progress.

In many of the low-income neighborhoods where women and children rely heavily on W.I.C., supermarkets are few and far between. Residents with limited funds for transportation are often forced to shop at the kind of gas-station quick marts and dusty-shelved corner stores where they can find plenty of beef jerky, chips, and soda and, other than a bruised banana or two, not much in the way of produce. But when a team of researchers from Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity studied W.I.C.-authorized stores across Connecticut, they found that the stores had responded to the new rules by “improving the availability and variety of healthy foods.” The businesses “found a way,” as the researchers from Yale put it, to make room for low-fat milk on their shelves, and to stock fruits and vegetables and whole-grain breads and other products they had not sold before. In so doing, they revealed a previously unsatisfied consumer demand. The researchers found that nearby stores that did not accept W.I.C. also started offering healthier foods, either because they now had new supply chains to take advantage of, or because customers were now asking for them, or both.