Light in Darkness

As usual, I’m a day late for Maria’s meme Light in Darkness.

Could you imagine being born poor with addicted parents and  being legally blind? Could you imagine being poor without a father and getting hit by a freight train and losing both your legs? Well, that’s what happened to Dartanyon Crockett in the first situation and Leroy Sutton in the second. Could you imagine being the producer for ESPN who had to put together a show on how these two young men became best friends and family to each other on the wrestling team in high school? The producer who was supposed to walk away after the show was aired but chose not to?

It began as the story of Dartanyon and Leroy and how they overcame obstacles together. It ended with Dartanyon, Leroy and producer Lisa Finn who refused to walk away and let them slip into the crime and poverty of that part of Cleveland, OH. Read the article Lisa wrote and watch the piece.  It tells beautifully why Lisa stayed.



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  1. WOW! What a beautiful story of overcoming obstacles through love & friendship! Thank you for sharing this!

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