Five Favorites


1. Picnics

It’s one of my favorite things of summer. From the impromptu lunches when my dad would join us on his break at the pool for lunch when we were kids, to intentionally packed extravaganzas in a meadow or on the beach, to unintentional let’s get McDonald’s and go park somewhere fun, I love picnics. I love the idea of packing up food to eat somewhere were there isn’t normally that food. I love enjoying a moment with fun “picnic food”. Probably also why I love tail-gating…

image courtesy of NY Times

2. Boardwalks

This is our closest one:

photo courtesy Tish Lloyd

It has the games, the rides, the food. And it has Britt’s Doughnuts. No other boardwalk can boast that.

3. Fair/Boardwalk Food

Funnel Cake, Cotton Candy, Candy Apples, Elephant Ears…get in my belly! (we only got cotton candy last time though)

4. When stuff works

I like it when appliances and computer programs and technology and everything else just,  you know, works like it’s supposed to

5. Chocolate

Why, uh, duh, because it’s chocolate!