Five Favorites



1. Barbecue.

Around here (eastern NC) barbecue is a noun. And it is pork. In a vinegar sauce. Usually with coleslaw. And it is good, good. I like other kinds, but eastern NC barbecue will always have a special place in my heart.

2. Grilling

A verb, haha. We’ve converted our propane grill to charcoal and enjoy steaks, burgers and dogs regularly.

3. The brave ones in Texas in blue.

It’s not easy to be the target of an angry mob in orange that is intent on keeping murder of unborn infants legal. Particularly when they are shouting “Hail Satan!” Keep standing strong my brothers and sisters there fighting the good fight. You are in our prayers.

4. The sun

It’s made an appearance today. Through rain, albeit, but an appearance nonetheless!

5. This girl right here:



My big girl who will be 7 on Saturday. Seven. So difficult to believe.