Weapons of Mass Distraction

So the President is traveling to Africa where it appears he may still be on July 4th…costing us who knows how much money.

And a woman in Texas is being hailed as “brave” for her filibuster of a late-term abortion bill.

And the Supreme Court of the United States has declared that:

1. Silence can now be interpreted as an admission of guilt.

2. Same-sex couples can receive federal benefits if they are legally married and living in a place which recognizes their marriage.

3. That gay marriages can resume in California, but they’re still not legal everywhere.

And read those last 2 carefully. Gay marriage was not legalized everywhere although a few people on both sides might have said that in the wake of the announcements today. Yes, it’s still a blow to traditional marriage, but if where you live gay marriage is not legal, it is still NOT LEGAL. Interestingly, on DOMA, the court split on ideological lines with Justice Kennedy being the deciding vote but on Prop 8, Justices Scalia and Roberts sided with the majority while Justices Sotomayor  and Kennedy were in dissent. Read more here. Jimmy Akin is, as always, what I aspire to be. Factual without emotion in the wake of such emotional issues.

Oh and did you miss it? The Street Gang of 8 is ramming amnesty through the Senate. And the President is out of the country. And yes, the NSA is reading every single word of this post because my voter registration card says “Republican” and so that ballot that I filled out  last year is not so secret after all.


I’m on a social media fast for a bit.