I’m over summer…already

Let’s see, the storms that I love have kept my kids indoors and due to a recent unforeseen circumstance, they haven’t been able to play with friends. At all. So, at this moment they are playing with the hose out back because it’s not raining.

Shelby spends two hours, four mornings a week at school with her extended school year and I’m working more hours, but somehow this is all making life more stressful not less. Jeff is working on my days off. And the kids are determined to eat every single last thing in our house.

Make mess. Eat food. Whine a lot. Destroy things.

Yep, that’s how we roll here.

So this is when people chime in with all the “free stuff” suggestions. Unfortunately Shelby cannot do the free or reduced movies because of her sensory needs and her general behavior. The closest sensory friendly movie is over an hour away. The parking at the beach costs mucho dinero we don’t have (a quarter for every 10 minutes and it starts the second you pull into the spot) not to mention with Jeff and I taking alternating days, the beach is impossible as neither of us can manage all three of them solo and none of them swim well enough to be casually monitored. The library cancels all their programs over summer (how convenient) and Shelby is not welcome at those either because she cannot maintain the baseline behavior of sitting quietly the entire hour. Parks are good for about 30 minutes…if we’re lucky. And my kids like to go all different directions at them to, so they are really a 2 parent expedition. Sigh.

Joey was too young for any camps this summer except Vacation Bible School which conflicted with Shelby’s school and since Jeff and I have to work opposite days, you can see where that leaves us. And there was no one we could find to carpool with either. Not to mention we couldn’t afford the motley camp prices.

I just want my kids back in school where I know where they are and they aren’t eating me out of house and home for eight hours a day. I just want the structure  back in life so  Shelby isn’t so set off and out of sorts about everything. I want gas prices to go down so we can actually afford to drive to anything free. I want August to be here and filling up backpacks.

I think I know now why I am not cut out for homeschooling. Even with structure, my kids are such different people that it wouldn’t be easy to school them all at the same time at different levels. And I’d have to do it on a year-round schedule. No such thing as a three month summer break. Three weeks, that’s my limit.

Hope everyone else out there is enjoying their summers! And not running into wall after wall (literally and figuratively).