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Joining Hallie again this week for five random (or not so random) favorites. And please go to her site for five reasons to help Dwija during what has to be the most harrowing pregnancy I have known about in ages. If you’re like me and living paycheck to paycheck, and the best you can offer is prayer, hey, that’s okay too.

1. Extended School Year.

What-the-what? I know a few moms are scratching their heads thinking. Well, as most people know, Shelby has classic autism, sensory processing disorder and global developmental delays. And public school is the absolute best option for her and we love her school so much so that Joey is going to be a kindergartener there this fall. Anyway, our district offers what is known as “extended school year” to children with special needs who are at a risk of regression during the “downtime.” The services vary based on each child’s needs and range from therapies to social skills to academic learning. Shelby receives academic services for two hours a day four days a week for the entire summer. She is in her same school, same classroom with some of the other students she was in school with last year. She also has with her one of her assistants from the school  year with her. The teacher is a frequent sub in her classroom and knows her well. They mimic an academic school day as best they can in that 2 hour time frame. And it gives Jeff and I lots of one on one time with the boys while she’s there and gives her days a sense of routine and ensures she doesn’t regress over the summer!

2. Thunderstorms

The last couple of summers have been so devoid of them and that’s uncharacteristic for this area. (As you may have guessed, it’s not southern California!) So, we’ve made up for it over the last week. Every day rain and rain and rain and thunder and lightening galore. I just like the unsettled feeling of the wind and the smells. Oh the smells. I can smell the ocean.

3. Mobli

Mobli is like Instagram but I like it better. More effects you can use, and you can import from Mobli to Instagram and back again AND they were doing the video thing  BEFORE Instagram. 🙂 I still use both which I think is a good thing because most of my friends are on Instagram and will probably be there forever, but in the mean time, gimme some more Mobli!

4. My cat

I’m still not a “cat person” but I am for this cat. He is our little sweetheart but he is rough on the dog :).



5. Real  books.

I did not particularly enjoy any e-books on the iPad (I got a couple free because free is the name of the game) so I never asked for a Kindle or Nook for a gift. And reading some brick-and-mortar (or would that be paper-and-ink) books has made me a nicer person to live with of late. Like something I can reclaim of my life before craziness :).


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