Our new family member



Once upon a time, about ten years ago, I married a man who swore he would never, ever have a cat live under his roof.

Once upon a time about six years ago, I gave birth to a little boy, my oldest son. Little did we know this little boy was born with an innate desire to have a cat. Specifically, an orange cat.

Once upon a time about three years ago, that man I married altered his stance slightly. The only way he could own a cat was if it was outdoor only.

Once upon a time, ten days ago, Oliver became our first cat. He is orange, as Joey specified. He is exclusively indoors. I handle feeding, watering and litter box patrol. Everyone, even Daddy, doles out love. We rescued Oliver from our county animal shelter which is run by our Sheriff’s department. We wanted an adult so they would already be litter box trained. Will and I adopted the cat then got Joey from school. They said he was very scared but loved to be petted. That day he stayed under the bed all day except to come out at night and eat. We were prepared for it to be a long time for him to warm up to us. Within 24 hours, he claimed us as his humans. Even Charlie gets along with him, although Oliver did have to show Charlie that he is no one to be trifled with. But no one was bleeding so that was good. Never thought we’d be a cat family. But here we are. No turning back. And zero regrets.