Five Favorites


1. Blackberries

Ah, summer and your luscious fruits…I was blessed to grow up in a place where blackberries grew wild everywhere. My dad’s workplace had some walking trails and he would often spend his lunch hour picking wild berries on it to bring home because us kids would eat the vines at home clean. They stained our fingers red-purple with their sticky sweetness. They don’t grow wild where I live now. I nearly pass out looking at the price at the grocery store so most years I don’t get them :(.

2. Cherries

Now these didn’t grow wild where I grew up or where I live now. Darn. They are super expensive too, but it is summer and I can get them on sale occasionally. Never met a cherry I didn’t like. I am confounded as to how, exactly, I am the only person in my house with this obsession.

3. Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Guess what has gluten in it? Beer. And alcohols aside from wine. Guess what doesn’t? Angry Orchard Hard Cider holla!

4. Dateline…

I seriously cannot get enough of Dateline and the stories they tell. My personal favorite reporter is Keith  Morison who is, fun fact, step father of Matthew Perry.

5. My awesome mom friends from Joey’s school. For the most part our kids will all be different places in a couple of short months but we’ve made a really good effort to keep in touch and keep our kids together as much as possible. I was so sad his last day to know he wouldn’t see these kids every day anymore.


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