Light in Darkness, one day late

We had to make-up the last day of school yesterday after Tropical Storm Andrea cancelled it on Friday, so, you know, I’m a day late but joining Maria this week for Light in Darkness her meme of finding good news in our world that feels like it has gone so horribly wrong sometimes.

This week comes courtesy of my mom who posted it on facebook. What would you do if you heard of a tragic story at your church of a family who had a child whose life was forever altered in a horrible accident? Would you put in 12 hour days for a child who was a stranger because you felt “called” to do it and expect no recognition, no reward? This is a story from the state I have lived in the last 30 years, makes me proud to know it is “homegrown.”

Good Samaritan helps teen graduate from college.


2 thoughts on “Light in Darkness, one day late

  1. WOW! What an incredible story! How many people would sacrifice a huge chunk of their life to help a complete stranger? This is a perfect example of the types of stories I hope will continue to spread through my meme. Thanks for sharing!

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