Wow. In a word, that might just sum it up.

The day started when Jeff and I woke up 20 minutes after he was supposed to leave (which means 40 minutes after he normally wakes up) because the boys had been playing in our bedroom the day before and had turned my alarm clock off and reset Jeff’s alarm an hour later than it had been set. Good times, good times. Thankfully Jeff made it to school on time.

Also Shelby got out the door and on the school bus with relatively little drama. That was all good.

Joey was returning to school after two weeks out with various asthma issues. And, of course, both he and Will argued about getting out of bed. And then Will argued about breakfast choices. I allowed them five extra minutes to sleep which somehow became ten. Those extra five minutes are on me…I’ll take those.

We finally made it out to the car only for Will to set the car alarm off. My car has issues. Lots of them. One of them is that the driver’s side passenger door does not always lock when you lock the car. But it will trip the alarm if you open it while the rest of the car is locked. Which is what Will did. At 7:30 AM when a lot of people in my neighborhood are still in bed.

I got the alarm disabled and got the kids in. We were over five minutes late. This was not a good thing.

Traffic was heavier than usual and, you know we were late, so we managed somehow to get Joey to school. Oh, he had to have a breathing treatment that morning too. Because although he’s not wheezing or having attacks now, pollen counts are high and the weather still schizophrenic, so has to be done as preventative action.

We managed to get home, Will and I and Will fell asleep in the car. So, he was jolly-olly when we got home. NOT.

Will took a two hour nap before we had to get Joey and I somehow managed to get laundry caught up and some random other housework done before getting Joey.

Upon arriving at Joey’s school, I was told the other kids fought over him “like a piece of salt water taffy.” Apparently he was missed. A lot.

I got home, got Shelby on the bus and dinner made. I was exhausted from all our morning rushing.

It was one of those days when you feel completely blown apart by the end but have no real recollection of doing almost anything. The countdown is on. School ends in 7 days.