Five Favorites


1) Chobani Yogurt

First off, Greek yogurt should have that slightly sour taste. If it doesn’t, it’s got a ton of sugar in it. And not naturally occurring sugars from fruit but ADDED sugar. And sometimes that added sugar comes in the form of high fructose corn syrup. Now as long as it’s real sugar, stevia or cane juice, I’m pretty forgiving. Chobani does add some cane juice to their fruit flavored offerings but then they have their 0% plain that has no sweeteners and which I can add my own fruit to and get my real Greek experience plus the fruit I am craving.

Second, Chobani is the culmination of the American dream and revived a town. Chobani was created by a Kurdish immigrant who bought a closing Kraft plant in New Berlin, NY. My father’s family is from a town not far from New Berlin and these types of plants closing decimate the local economy. Not only did the plant get a new life thanks to Chobani, but nearly all the Kraft staff were hired back!

Third, they are proud supporters of our US Olympic teams.

Finally, I can use the 0% plain like sour cream and in so many great recipes!

2. OFF! brand Botanicals Lotion

Uh, yeah, have a child with autism who is also allergic to mosquito bites. Live in a neighborhood with wet lands in the back which are mosquito breeding grounds. Child with autism hates the smell and feel of conventional spray on insect repellent. Solution, a good smelling, natural, plant based lotion. She loves lotion and the smell and no bites, no hives, no skin scratched raw. Win, win, win!

3. Super late Spring

This year we actually get a spring at all and it showed up, in MAY! We are used to 90 degree temps already around now typically, but this year…we are doing well in the 60s and that is awesome. Just freakin’ awesome.

4. This Mother’s Day message

Eunice and Sargent Shriver did something remarkable when they created Special Olympics. Hearing Maria tell the story of how it was created from Camp Shriver in their backyard and seeing Eunice in her later years coaching a young man in swimming are loving testimonies to the people her parents were, particularly her mother. Eunice loved her sister Rosemary and she knew Rosemary had worth no matter what the world said and she was determined to teach the rest of the world what those of us who are mothers to special needs children know. Maria talks about how through Special Olympics her mother gave mothers of those with special needs a chance to see their children compete and excel when the rest of the world can tell them it can’t be done. For two years I’ve been the mom of a Special Olympics “Young Athlete.” Shelby can’t compete yet but through Special Olympics she has had chances she wouldn’t have had otherwise. And as her mother, I’ve been blessed to see her grow and blossom thanks to their programs.

5. Can I be totally superficial here (as if I haven’t been already??)? How about air conditioning. Yeah, I’m gonna say it, this allergy-ridden and totally sweaty mama loves it.


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  1. Must look for that repellent. I detest DEET but all the natural repellents I’ve tried have had minimal success.

    Yay for the Special Olympics!

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