Light in Darkness

Joining Maria of Four Blessings Academy for this week’s Light in Darkness Meme.

This week my light in darkness comes from my own parish. My parish, St Mary, is a designated shrine to Our Blessed Mother, and we have so many wonderful ministries. We are incredibly blessed to have Sister Issac, a sister of Saint Ursula to both lead RCIA and our social ministries. Our church started the Tileston Outreach Clinics which later separated to become their own thriving non-profit, but realizing that Tileston alone could not reach the poor and uninsured in our communities medical and dental needs, we now have the St Mary clinics as well. Sister Isaac has a pantry to give out food and her thriving ministry helps those who could not otherwise afford them to get clothing, furniture and even assistance with paying bills. Our previous pastor, Father John and our current pastor, Father Bob, have both enthusiastically embraced the social mission of our parish in our community.

And while that alone is enough of a “light in darkness” for most, I want to highlight a new program in our social ministries. Inspired by then Cardinal Bergoglio’s use of public transportation in Buenos Aires to get around instead of a limosine and driver, our social ministry has started the “Pope Francis Bus Scholarship” to help teens and adults who are in need of transportation to get to and from work or school but cannot even afford a bus pass.  It is a wonderful gift filling a need not yet met in our community and one I’m not even sure we realized was not being met until the media showed pictures of our current Holy Father riding the  bus on his daily commute.


2 thoughts on “Light in Darkness

  1. Kristen, this is really an inspiration. The social ministry is wonderful and then the Bus Scholarship, too! How inventive and practical !! It is about helping people where they really need it. Love it. Thanks.

  2. I just love the inspiration of Pope Francis! Your community is truly blessed to have these wonderful ministries & your parish is blessed to have priests who are fully supportive of them. I just love the Bus Scholarship idea! Thanks for sharing this week!

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