Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

So, I guess it had been a while since Joey had made it to mass with all the illness that we have been going through this spring, because when we were at mass this Sunday, when he saw Father up at the altar he asked, “Mama, is it Pope Francis?!” Oh dear. 🙂 He was so excited thinking he was seeing Pope Francis, I had to gently let him down and tell him, “No, that’ s Father Bob, he’s still our priest. The same one who baptized Shelby, William and Isabella (my niece).”

— 2 —

I have begun reading Amy Welborn’s The Words We Pray. I am a huge fan of Amy’s and it is so awesome learning the background of prayers I have said since childhood. It also helps to answer that nagging question Protestants always ask about how can we “pray” words we’ve memorized over and over (most notably, Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o mentioned this in an interview about being Mormon on a Catholic campus/team).

— 3 —

And speaking of prayers, yesterday was the National Day of Prayer, in case  you didn’t  know. I had to make a grocery store run where I overheard part of this conversation where a man said,

You know, instead of complaining about how others pray today, or don’t pray, I’m just going to celebrate the National Day of Prayer by praying. And for everyone, because, you know, we all need it.

I was inspired and posted on facebook (I also managed to do the entire Divine Office, a Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Regina Caeli yesterday).

Then, a friend who is a “pastor” published this status:

Wonder what would happen if all the people of God really cried out to him with sincere, not recited prayers today?

I’ve decided the best way to proceed is to offer my “recited prayer(s)” which are indeed sincerely cried out to God for her eyes to be open and her heart to understand. I was tempted, oh was I tempted, to engage and offer up what I know to be true, but I think this is probably the best solution for now.

— 4 —

So, we’re having an actual spring this year and not going from 30 degrees to 80 in one weekend, however, it is roughly two months late. I’m not complaining except it’s wet. Normally, I love wet weather, but we live one street over from protected wetlands and while the snakes have been few and the alligators non-existent, the mosquitoes are terror. I am one of those mosquito magnet people as are my olive skinned children Shelby and Will. They are both, we’ve found out in recent years, allergic to mosquito bites. Traditional “DEET” formulas are too wet and bother Shelby both with wetness and smell. We like the OFF brand dry spray, but my  kids tend to waste it and Shelby and Will have to be saturated everytime we go outdoors. So, we’ve found a solution for Shelby. (She’s also not crazy about the dry spray as it gets in your eyes, nose and mouth no matter what.) Jeff, on a whim, picked up OFF brand’s Botanicals plant-based insect repellent lotion. Shelby loves lotions and it smells good. So she’s protected and happy. In fact, when I opened it the other day, she stuck her arm out for me to slather it on. It is expensive for a small (3 oz) tube, but we’ve found a little dab will more than ‘do ya.’ And since the weather is still on the cool side, I will keep her in pants for as long as is humanly possible.

— 5 —

I am super excited because in two weeks our community’s Greek Orthodox church is holding their annual Greek Fest. I know my kids will love the dancing and music. I’m also hoping I get to take a tour of the church there. And of course, the food. Oh the food. We have never been disappointed (most years Jeff gets our food to go and brings it home). I am hoping the weather is decent and behavior holds for it this year! So exciting to go in the wake of Pope Francis’ election which was memorably marked by Orthodox leaders attending his installation mass.

— 6 —

That would be the cake my youngest wants for his birthday next week. I hope we manage it!

— 7 —

Guess that’s about all for this week!

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