Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

First off, if you haven’t started already, you need to be praying for Jen and Joe and baby Joseph. Joseph was born Monday and was put in the NICU at a different hospital from the one Jen delivered in for some breathing issues TOTALLY unrelated to the pulmonary embolisms Jen suffered in this pregnancy. Jen has been discharged but the hospital is 30 minutes from her home. His little lungs are having some trouble stabilizing so he REALLY needs some prayers. As do Mama, Daddy and the five eager siblings at home. And Jen has been unable to update her blog because of some kind of issues there too. Obviously that is not a priority, but it’s an annoyance when she doesn’t need it. You can keep up with her on twitter @conversiondiary if you want updates on baby Joseph.

— 2 —

Holy Cow, summer decided to show up here. We went from temps in the 30 last week to the 80s this week. So far my Joseph’s lungs seem to be tolerating the change as well as the pollen. Oh the pollen. Nothing like good ol yellow pine pollen to make one’s eyes swell and nasal passages close. Yeah, at least the azaleas will be out on time for the Azalea festival this weekend. First time in years they aren’t early.

— 3 —

So, I complained all about google reader and bloglovin’ and Randi, in the comments, gently nudged me toward trying feedly again. Well, it worked in the Chrome store this time and THANK YOU GOD IN HEAVEN I do not have to click on every link to open a new window anymore and no more crashing after five posts and real time updates. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

— 4 —

I was super good this week. I cleaned out  my dresser, chest of drawers and closet and THEN I switched out all the kids’ clothes from winter to summer. Like I said, SUPER GOOD.

— 5 —

And in my cleaning I tried on some dresses that said medium or large. I am an XL. Not in height but, shape. I wear XL tops and 18 pants, shorts, skirts. So I figured these dresses were not going to make the cut. WRONG. THEY ALL FIT. I am sure this is part of the “we don’t tell you real sizes thing” but hey, I got to keep cute dresses, I’m good!

— 6 —

In I’m-a-great -parent- (NOT) news, after the wasp incident on Sunday, I forced a certain insect-phobic child to watch Bee Movie on Wednesday. Twice. I think it’s a cute movie that shows that good intentions can have very negative consequences. Which is something a lot of people need to remember in this crazy mixed up world we live in today.

— 7 —

Finally, because Nick Flynn taught a couple of workshops at my alma mater (they were grad school workshops and I was an undergrad phooey) and I’m just a nerd like this, an arty nerd, read this.

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  1. #5: I have the same problem. I wear a size 16 but all different “sizes” fit me. It makes shopping irritating. The worst: the 16P jeans I got from Lands’ End after I had Daniel are super loose on me but the new 16P jeans are too tight!

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