Light In Darkness

Joining Maria a day late for Light in Darkness this week. Courtesy of facebook’s Mary’s Miraculous Medal Family page comes this:


Sorry I do not have photo credits available as they were not provided on facebook.

Pope Francis with two boys with Down Syndrome. I am melted seeing how he looks and reaches for them and them to him. I have no doubts Pope Benedict loved those with developmental disabilities as well, but to see Pope Francis so openly embracing “the least of these…” well, as the mama to a special girl, you know it obviously touches my heart. People are seeing en masse just how much our children deserve to  be here and lead wonderful, meaningful lives. Did you know the prenatal screening for Down Syndrome known as either the tri-scan or quad-scan is notorious for false positives for Down Syndrome? I have known couples given an inaccurate result who had a typical baby. Many choose to abort children with Down Syndrome, how many babies who didn’t even have the chromosomal disorder were also aborted? This is a light to those who are faced with those test results, your child is still deserving of a life and your love. May God continue to bless Popes Benedict and Francis as they continue their earthly pilgrimages.


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  1. Thank you for posting this beautiful photo! What a wonderful man Pope Francis is! And thank you for sharing about the prenatal tests. It’s so heartbreaking to think of all the beautiful children denied life because of the chance they had Down Syndrome

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