I don’t have faith in humanity, and that’s okay

Phrase I am going to strike from my speech, “it restores my faith in humanity.” Why? Because I’ve come to realize I really do not have “faith” in humanity.

It sounds terrible doesn’t it? It sounds like something I should be struck down where I sit composing this blog post for saying/thinking. But, guess what, it’s not.

Because while I do not have faith in other humans nor their ability to do the right thing, I have faith in Christ.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “the one who is and who was and who is to come, the almighty.”

–Revelation 1:8

He is the beginning and the end and all of the middle and that is where I put 100% of my faith. Does it mean I don’t have doubts? Don’t be silly, I am human, OF COURSE I have doubts, true faith cannot exist without them. But I know that all that is good in this fallen world of ours comes from one source and one source only. HIM. All that is evil and indifferent comes from Satan via human failing.

God gave us free will, which is not a blessing but a responsibility and quite often, a burden. And one the majority of us not only struggle but fail with frequently. And then when we really screw it up, we are forced to deal with the inept justice of man. And man does not forgive as God forgives. Man forgives with consequence. God forgives unconditionally. We don’t deserve God’s forgiveness and mercy, but He gives it every single time we ask.

But we spend all day long failing one another. Our best attempts will not ever measure up to the goodness and wonder that is God. And that doesn’t mean we should not try. For heaven’s sake, we have to try even harder! But our faith needs to always  be planted firmly in Christ crucified and risen for our sin. Christ bought for us eternal life. Name one human who has done the same.


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