Oh Google Reader, the angst thou hast wrought

So, like most bloggers, I commenced with the wailing and gnashing of teeth when Google announced it would be eliminating it’s best feature after gmail and search, their reader. It was easy, it was convenient. It didn’t require facebook. And I began, like most looking for an alternative.

I was not impressed with feed.ly which I could rarely get to the app or site because of how many people were checking it out in the wake of the demise of Google Reader. Nor with a few other sites people threw my way.

Then I began seeing Catholic bloggers everywhere talking about bloglovin. You can log in via facebook OR your email. So a plus there. And it seemed simple enough to use but not intrusive. I had also dabbled a bit with WordPress’ blog following service previously and was satisfactorally unimpressed and this looked better than that, so I signed on.

I am not a fan.

I don’t love it and most days I don’t even like it. The site crashes on me regardless of where/how I log in after about five posts. It does not update for me in real time. Ever. They have an iPhone app but not an iPad app. That right there is a FAIL of EPIC proportions. I have to click and open a new tab every.single.post. That wasn’t always the case with Google Reader, so I save a butt-load of time by first reading whatever it was I could read all of and then going back and clicking links. Nope, not an option. And then there are some blogs that it takes me completely out of bloglovin to read. So then I play catch up.

I follow over 100 blogs which is a lot for most people, but I’m a fairly diverse reader. While the majority are Catholic blogs there are also a fair amount of humor and mom blogs, food blogs, and a scant helping of political blogs. And there are some that defy description, but there we are.

For the time being because of the hours I’ve wasted languished invested in Bloglovin, I will stay but I am on the constant lookout for new options. Something has to fill the void. Bloglovin, to be blunt, sucks at filling the void. And when I find that product, I will not just be inactive, I will deactivate.


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  1. the new feedly version is very close to google reader’s interface!! šŸ™‚ enjoy your reading!! and this weather! šŸ™‚

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