I have no pictures, of course, BUT

Easter weekend was super chaotic…as always.

I had planned to attend ALL the Triduum services. Yeah, that didn’t happen. First off Jeff was supposed to have gate duty at school on the Monday of Holy Week, but at the last minute he traded with another teacher who needed Thursday evening off. That meant he wouldn’t even leave campus until 8:30 PM and mass was at 7. I didn’t even have time to ask anyone on my short list (and I only have a short list) if they could keep the kids or watch them here. I informed him that yes, there was a conflict, but out of charity I would totally be okay with him switching THIS TIME without having double checked with me first. So, I watched the Chrism Mass from Rome that morning and that was that.

Friday,  Jeff had all these errands that were suddenly pressing. I made due with the Veneration of the Cross on EWTN and then later the Via Crucis on Salt and Light with Pope Francis. It was more chaotic than going to Mass because I had children playing the Wii in the background and destroying the linen closet. Le sigh.

Saturday we had Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at one of the clubs where my in-laws lived. Now, there was a bright spot. Shelby was scared of the Easter Bunny, the boys were reluctant but posed with him. The photographer, when I explained (after he asked) why Shelby and I were hanging back said they could totally accommodate Shelby if we wanted a pic of her and do her alone with the Easter egg border. But we’ve found with Shelby with these types of situations, if she doesn’t want to do it, best not to press. It was so nice though that the photography people just “got it.”

After a breakfast (in which my children declared the bacon to be sub-par, and I have to concur, sadly) there, we went to my in-laws home where they gave each kid a plant for Easter and they vegged for a Spongebob marathon until the egg hunt. I was adamant about Shelby not going to the egg hunt. Shelby does things like take other children’s eggs and she’s only interested in the eggs not the stuff inside so she will open and drop the candy and then move on. Not to mention the park where the egg hunt will be held was on the waterfront with a dock that leads right out to the water. Shelby is magnetized to water and I was not interested in tempting fate in my heels and in front of 200 kids and their parents. (Again, they live in a golf community, there was a dress code so I was wearing heels).

So Jeff, his dad and step-mother headed down to the park. Now, Jeff did take pics but being as he doesn’t know how the camera operates they are extremely blurry and he didn’t know how to zoom so there are pics of 300 kids with Joey somewhere in there. Jeff was upset about Shelby not going to the egg hunt, but afterward said I had made the right call. The water situation was even worse than what he expected and quite a few parents were openly hostile to other people’s kids who are typically developing so, yeah, Shelby’s behaviors would NOT have been welcome. And the kids were only allowed to collect 12 eggs. Joey got 22. And people were nasty about that, but he’s five and was excited and we evened it out…Will only got 3 or 4 because he was intimidated and Joey shared with him. Overall we had a reasonably fun morning to mid-afternoon, but we agreed for the time and aggravation, we’ll probably skip it next  year (we had to get the kids up at 6 AM to get them there on time, did I mention that, which means Jeff and I were up at 5).

I ended up missing the Vigil from Rome :(. And I was exhausted and Jeff felt it was too dangerous for me to be at our parish at night especially if I would have to park a ways away (downtown is more dangerous than you would think around here, a lot more dangerous). So, instead, I went to bed early and made it to 6:30 AM mass. Which was full but not packed and I got a plum parking space and a seat. And there was something totally amazing about entering in the dark of night and emerging mid-morning and seeing the sun’s first rays peak through the stained glass.

After I got home, we loaded up the car with kids and headed to my parents’ home. My mom made the kids Easter baskets, so we saved our candy. My parents had also colored eggs and so we skipped that as well this year. My mom set up a mini-indoor hunt for the boys. All three of my brothers were there as was my sister-in-law and niece and nephew. My niece is two and she is something else, she is the same size as Will (Will is small for his age, Bella is big for hers) and she went and got a diaper out of her diaper bag and spread it on the floor. We thought maybe she would try and diaper her Pooh bear but no, she grabbed Will by the arm and attempted to lay him on the diaper, he said, “NO!” and she said “YES!” He got away but not before making all of us laugh. And my mom trying in vain to explain to Bella that Will is a big boy who uses the potty. My kids each got a movie from  my parents. Shelby got Brave, Joey got Wreck-It Ralph and Will got Madagascar 3.

My parents made shish kabobs…well, meat kabobs, they didn’t grill any veggies but made them on the side.  They were still yummy. The kids had fun, Shelby lost very few things and we were on the road by about five.

Our official Easter tour ended Tuesday when we traveled to see Jeff’s mom. The kids had fun playing outside and we brought Mimi a barbecue sandwich.

Now, we are still in full Easter celebration…SEVEN WEEKS!!! WOOT! And part of that celebration means I got to purchase some Reese’s Eggs at 75% off to hoard store for future times when I might need want them.

I hope everyone had a blessed and holy Easter Sunday and continues in their journey of holiness in this wonderful Easter season.