Minute by Minute

All the cool kids (I’m looking at your Dwija and Cam) are doing it so on this day when I have all three kids here (Shelby has a low-grade fever, so her grouchiness got to stay home today):

5:20 AM–wake up enough to kiss Jeff goodbye, snuggle in my comforter and go back to sleep

7:00 AM–wake up, go to the bathroom and get out of bed

7:10 AM–Lauds

7:13 AM–Will runs out and announces to Joe that Mama is up and praying

7:20 AM–Open Shelby’s door, invite boys to breakfast

7:30 AM–Begin fixing pancakes for breakfast

7:31 AM–Want to bang head on something hard, we have no milk

7:32 AM–I spy with my little eye some buttermilk on the fridge door that is still good. Praise Jesus, You are good in deed.

7:45 AM–Finally sit down to eat my pancakes

8:15 AM–Try to persuade Shelby to put clothes on, fail

8:30 AM–Turn on Pandora and rock out to 80’s New Wave on the Jesus Jones station while cleaning up the mess from breakfast/washing dishes

9:00 AM–Tune into Salt and Light for a rebroadcast of the Chrism Mass in Rome

9:30 AM–Inform both boys they can fix their own drinks

9:45 AM–help Shelby make grits as she has finally decided breakfast is a good idea

10:00 AM–make Shelby More grits

10:08 AM–Let Joey know if he wants the iPad to take it from his sister. She’s had enough time, I’m allowing him to just take it.

10: 15 AM–Make Shelby more grits

10:33 AM–Announce to Shelby she’s consumed all the grits in the house

10:48 AM–Mass is over,  begin contemplating lunch

11:00 AM–Will says, Let’s have more pancakes, so I make more pancakes

11:15 AM–Shelby changes herself (thankfully just a pee diaper) and brings me her school uniform, two jackets, and two backpacks and demands I help her dress

11:30 AM–finally get to eat my lunch pancakes

11:43 AM–clean up the lunch mess

11:50 AM–make hot dog for unnamed boy child who ate pancakes and claims to still be hungry

11: 56 AM—sit down to compose this post

12:00 PM–notice it’s noon and let’s say an Angelus

I know the minutiae is overwhelming.