Light in Darkness

Joining Maria’s new meme this week Light in Darkness. And thank you to Maria for linking to my blog this week in her own moment of Light in Darkness. If you are stopping by from Maria’s I thank you for visiting and hope you will come again. This video of Palm Sunday mass is too cute, Pope Francis kissing so many babies, he barely makes it to mass on time. But can you blame him? What is better than kissing a sweet baby?! And what a valuable witness to life around us.


2 thoughts on “Light in Darkness

  1. Love it! I heard about this on the radio this morning, but seeing it in video is so much better. I agree w/ you…what could be better than kissing all those sweet babies. Thanks for sharing & for participating in my new meme!

  2. That was awesome. I never get tired of seeing Pope Francis with the people like that. Thanks for sharing!

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