This is just NOT a Seven Quick Takes week

She says after deleting the second attempt.

Because my kids and I didn’t do anything exceptional this week (unless you count a lot of puke and poop as exceptional, oh, yes, I did succumb to the rotavirus on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning). And most of my insights and thoughts have been spent in posts already or are percolating bigger posts.

I love the concepts of memes and Quick Takes is one of my favorites. And lots of weeks there are little things that don’t warrant their own blog post completely but deserve to be said/told and those weeks are fun weeks, for sure. This week just not one of them.

God is making sure that this time of great joy is also a time of great penitenceĀ and that’s okay. It truly is. For every rough and tumble day there are wonderful moments sprinkled throughout and there are better days on the horizon.

This Lent has been, relatively speaking, an easier one that past ones. Despite the Papal abdication and the time of Sede Vacante, I haven’t seen this Lent as the usual “dark time” that it inevitably is for me year after year after year. And I think this past week, starting with last Saturday, is God’s way of reminding me I haven’t conquered completely anything and I still have much to learn about this life. And the next one. And I am so thankful to God for these reminders because without them, wow, would the sin be rampant. In particular the pride and sloth. So I’ve doubled down (which is part of the reason for my much more frequent blog posting) and I’m incredibly grateful to see the Holy Spirit working through me like this.

All these trials have turned my face more completely to Christ crucified and remembering that is only through his cross and resurrection he has set me free. And you too.