It’s a Scandal, It’s an Outrage!

So, there are some rumors going around that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi were allowed communion at the Papal installation mass. Now, so far, I’ve yet to see any actual evidence of it besides an article from Huffington Post and a few bloggers. I had read somewhere before the mass that dignitaries were not offered the Eucharist for the reasons of many of them not being Catholic (there were Jewish and Islamic delegations present as well as secular ones) or not being eligible to as many of us (myself included) presume to judge Pelosi and Biden as being on the basis of their pro-death stance on abortion. But watching the mass, I was fairly certain that Communion was being delivered to the dignitaries who chose to receive. However, no photographic evidence (from EWTN at least) that either of them received or not.

And there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over this. I am inclined to believe that both received just because I can’t fathom either of them has any sense of shame or dignity that would say, “I really shouldn’t do this.” But I am not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater and say that the Church has turned to Satan if they did actually receive. And I certainly cannot indict the priests and deacons sent out to administer the sacrament either. Read the below twitter exchange in Father Nathan’s feed:

This was a question in response to administering the sacrament to those “known” to be in a state of sin. Here were the subsequent responses that dealt specifically with Pelosi/Biden.



In all likelihood, the priest or deacon did not know who they were, where they were from, or anything about them except they were seated in the dignitary section. We, as Americans, know their sins well, but the Holy Father had only been in his position for a week at that point, somehow I doubt images of American politicians who don’t talk the talk or walk the walk were front and center on his agenda any of these days either. So I’m sure the priests and deacons collected for this mass were not drilled on “who may receive and who may not.” If anyone “sinned” or caused “shame in this case, it would be Biden and Pelosi, not the Holy Father or anyone distributing communion.

And, in any event, we do not have proof at this point they did or did not, just “reports.” So while I would like to hope they were a) humble enough to know not to receive or b) refused it is all speculation at this point and those who would like to dictate judgments from their keyboards are best to not.