Some positive things I’ve collected from Media regarding the Pope

Today on Vatican Radio:

Cardinal Turkson was glad the Pope elected was not the Pope the press had their eye on. He also acknowledged the tendency to compare one to one’s predecessor and cautioned against that because each Pope is his own person and each is made perfectly in God’s image.

Cardinal Tagle was touched by the Pope’s message of “do not be afraid of tenderness.” Particularly because it was also directed toward the foreign dignitaries at the mass. His eminence pointed out that normally governing is viewed as something to be done coldly or by force but that good leadership actually requires tendership.

Cardinal Gracias responded to a seminarian’s question about what he thought of the people who “adopted a cardinal” and his response was that he and all the Cardinals were grateful to all those who “adopted” and prayed for them and that their prayers were felt deeply in conclave.

And probably my favorite moment from  mainstream media coverage: when Pope Francis was first revealed, Brian Williams of NBC made the comment that there is so little mystery and wonder and surprise left in our world that the revelation of the Pope  and how he was chosen was a special gift in that way. Yeah, mainstream media and a non-Catholic said that. My second favorite moment from that same segment was after the announcement was made and we heard Bergoglio and Francis and it was unclear who this person was. Brian Williams asked Cardinal Edward Egan who the new Pope was and Cardinal Egan began talking about his relationship with Cardinal Bergoglio (without mentioning his name) and Brian impatiently said, “But who is it?!” He was as excited to know as the rest of us.