“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

Who needs the mainstream media to tear apart Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI? Who indeed when we have us, the faithful, the flock, doing such a job of it.

On this side we have “Rad Trads” aka “Traditionalists” aka “Benedict-philes” who proclaim that every action and every supposed action and every action to be by Pope Francis is set to undo everything Benedict did right. And everyone who proclaims to love Francis or applauds any action he has, is doing so as a direct jab to Benedict.

On the other side we have the “Liberals” aka “The NO lovers” aka “Francis-philes” who defend their new Papa so vigorously that they manage to forget Benedict in the process.

And then both sides turn and look at people like me. People who love both these beautiful servants of Christ. People who accept that they are not carbon copies of the other. People who believe the Holy Spirit doesn’t always give every person what they want, but what we all need.


I’ve said several times now, I am getting whiplash from the people who are shocked to find out the Pope is Catholic and those belly-aching about how NOT Catholic he is, particularly in comparison to Pope Emeritus Benedict. But what some of us less high-profile Catholics who have been quietly watching and meeting Pope Francis are seeing some remarkable things. We are seeing that he asks the faithful to pray, not only for himself, but for a man he refers to as “beloved,” his predecessor. And the fact that others are either refusing to see these things by willfully ignoring them or just being blinded by their own preferences.

Red shoes,  lace, and all these things aside, we are called to obedience to the will of the Holy Spirit. And for those questioning or down-right denying the Holy Spirit’s will in this case, I ask you to remember the words of Keyser Söze in this title. While we are so busy fighting each other, whose will are we following? And whose work are we doing?

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