So, to be blunt about it, today basically sucked

And I’m not really a fan of that word, but it pretty well describes this Monday, March 18, 2013.

It was the odd-ball combination of gray weather, all three kids and Daddy being sick and the internet. The Catholic internet, to be exact.

All this back-biting, this fighting, all this CRAP about who’s right and who’s wrong, well it drove me insane. The one thing I can typically take solace in is my faith and to hear the way people talked about each other and Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict, made me feel as sick as my kids and husband were physically.

And I very seriously considered saying “Screw it, Kristen. Deactivate all accounts and move on. Again.”

But then Priest’s Wife, in my comments, and Katherine, on facebook, talked me off the ledge. Oh yeah, I forgot to ever mention here that after reactivating twitter, I ultimately reactivated my facebook account to keep me up to date on all the Papal happenings and because there were some people I desperately needed to keep up with and had no other way of doing so. So, where was I, oh yes, on the ledge where these two wonderful women and bloggers convinced me more good would come of me sticking around and filtering my content intake and sticking with the people and sources I KNOW to be sound.

So, I’ve drastically culled my twitter feed. I’ve taken a break from Google Reader (we haven’t talked about the demise of google reader have we, ugh). And I actually stop subscribing to certain blogs/news sources. I’m gonna just stick with people I know to be reliable and charitable and news sources I know to be the same.

Tomorrow is Saint Joseph’s Day and Papal Installation day and NO MATTER WHAT is going to be AWESOME.


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