I don’t know if I need to title this, really I don’t

I want to plug into my iPod and turn the volume all the way up right now. (I changed my fast mid-Lent because something presented itself as a way more tremendous sacrifice and yeah, I traded one for the other, please judge me.)

But now all three kids are sick and so is the husband. So that would be just plain irresponsible of me, the official last man standing, to do.

But as far as social media, blogging, etc…yeah, right now I want to drown all that out.

I thought I could post my post last night and leave it alone but that same 24 hour news cycle world I mentioned there is coming around to slap me around a bit. It is starting to test my charity, which is only intact by a mere shred right now.

Maybe it’s time to just focus internally on faith and the faith of my family? Maybe it’s time to stop caring what anyone else thinks in the Catholic blogosphere? Maybe this too will pass?

I am beginning to wonder, on all sides, who actually went to Mass yesterday and listened to the Gospel.

And then there is this:

Because, ultimately, we have to faith that sometimes, faith means God gives us not what we want but what we need.

And maybe that’s what God is telling me now, take a break again, read more, laugh more, pray more.

So if you don’t hear from me for a little while, well, know that I am trusting the Holy Spirit to work through me in other ways.


2 thoughts on “I don’t know if I need to title this, really I don’t

    • You know, I’m really culling the herd on twitter right now but you definitely make the cut! Katherine from Having Left the Altar is also a favorite because she can easily rise above. I so missed her on facebook when I took my last fast! And I think there are some very good people being trampled on out there right now which is why I am pulled more in the direction of staying the course!

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