St Patrick’s Day Summary= No drinking but lots of puking

Yesterday Joey was scheduled to go to a friend’s birthday party. Until about two hours before when he started throwing up. I mean projectile vomiting throwing up and having diarrhea. So, he’s still on a liquid diet now because earlier attempts today to move him from Gatorade to solids failed massively. And he still has diarrhea.

Shelby has now joined the party. Throwing up first all over Will’s  bed (he is on the top bunk, she likes playing up there) and now on her bed. She’s been bathed three times this evening. And I plan on being up all night changing out laundry.

I am having terrible flashbacks to Halloween 2011 when Jeff, Will, Shelby and I all had rotovirus. Now we have no fever in the house and Joey is acting pretty normal all-around except for not keeping food down but I am hearing from adults who do not have kids and have gotten this (and aren’t around kids) that it is pretty darn nasty. 😦

All three kids will be home from school tomorrow. I need Joey to attempt solids and keep them down before I’m ready to send him back. Shelby may be out two days. Hoping Will does not succumb as somehow Joey did not last year. And praying for better luck for Jeff and I this go-round.

Wow, what is it with our family, holidays and throwing up with no drinking involved!