Seven Quick Takes Friday

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I have to say, the Conclave and revelation of Pope Francis, well, they were much more fun on twitter than anywhere else. But that’s just me.

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Did anything else happen this week? Well, yeah, it did. We attended the Special Olympics Basketball clinic with Shelby earlier in the day on Wednesday. She is pretty cute and funny to watch out there. Her brothers had a blast and I have discovered Joey is a long distance runner in the making.

— 4 —

After seeing the Mass to open the Conclave in the Sistine Chapel and then the Pope’s first Mass in the Sistine Chapel, I have to say the best moments were at the Sign of Peace. As Katherine and I discussed on facebook, the Sign of Peace is an occasion for “confusion, chaos and illness” and some of us (ahem, me) get nervous about it. Both Masses I watched as the Cardinals exchanged the Sign of Peace and saw those same looks of confusion and nervousness on several Cardinal faces.

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Watching the first Papal mass with my five-year-old was an experience. He really actually enjoyed it and asked lots of questions because it was quite different from any mass he had ever seen or attended before, what with all the Cardinals and the Swiss Guards and he kept calling the Pope Saint Francis…but he may be onto something. As we awaited the name of the new Pope on Wednesday, he saw Italian flags being waved in the crowd and said, “Mama, it’s like Francesco.” He remembered those as the colors of Francesco Bernoulli, the Italian Formula Car in the movie Cars 2. But oh, how prophetic it sounded when we heard that Cardinal Bergoglio had chosen the name Francis. My three-year-old correctly predicted when we would see white smoke. Now, the second sounds purely coincidental, but we haven’t watched Cars 2 in quite sometime, so I was shocked he remembered those colors and associated them correctly. And my jaw really dropped when I heard the name. Not sure, but I think these boys know a lot more and understand a lot more than they normally let on…and I can certainly pray and hope that Pope Francis is someday St Francis.

— 6 —

This weekend I send Jeff solo with Joey to a birthday party while I’m at work. My in-laws have agreed to watch Shelby and Will. I will only be five minutes away from the house but about 25 from the party. I am more worried about Jeff and Joey at the party than I am my in-laws and the other two kids at the house. I know, makes a ton of sense.

— 7 —

Next week we celebrate two patron saint days, Patrick and Joseph. Same child has those two as a first and middle name but in reverse order. And the Papal installation. I am prepared to be exhausted and then exhaust myself some more for Holy Week and Easter.

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One thought on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. I have to admit, by the time we get past Divine Mercy Sunday, I may be completely pooped. I mean, from Ash Wednesday to abdication to conclave to new pope to Holy Week to Easter…. it is like a whirlwind tour in 6 weeks…. and the strangest Lent I’ve ever had! LOL Honestly, with a new pope, it doesn’t even seem Lent anymore and I find myself conflicted between celebrating a new pope and the penance of Lent.

    I still wish they’d just get rid of the Sign of Peace. I’ve loved the Masses I’ve attended where it was simply left out.

    Hope your weekend goes well!!!

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