Five Favorites

A day late and a dollar short so, you know, I’m joining Hallie/Betty Beguiles/Moxie Wife’s new Meme…



1) So, obviously…my favorite thing this week is this:

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More I love about him include this beautiful moment this morning when he snuck out to pray for a half hour at Maria Maggiore surprising the high school students he waved to and the residents of the neighborhood.



And he is still continuing to surprise by simply being himself. Taking the bus back to the hotel instead of official Papal transport and settling his hotel bill in person. He’s doing it his way. That Holy Spirit, it sure knows what it’s doing!

2. Sriracha Lays Potato Chips



One of the three flavors in the running to become a new flavor. Our family has been addicted to sriracha way before it was cool. I can, admittedly, only have a small amount at a time and Joey can’t really handle it at all, but Shelby, Jeff and Will are total addicts. The more the merrier. And I eat til I hit that limit, cool down, and go back for more. I bought them yesterday in a moment of parental weakness to celebrate the end of the Conclave. I have simultaneously regretted and embraced this decision.

3. As long as we’re on the topic of food…Jeff and I got salads from the salad bar at my work last weekend in celebration of 10 years of marriage. And they rocked my socks (sorry, they were so good I did not have the presence of mind to take pics). Everything was super fresh and yummy. And so filling we barely had room for the totally rockin’ steaks we bought. So, yes, I will definitely be getting another salad in the near future!

4. Twitter…



That little birdie has brought me so many awesome, awesome, awesome updates of late. Including two accounts for the Sistine Seagull. And we can now celebrate that @Pontifex has been reactivated from Sede Vacante. No, Pope Francis has not tweeted yet, but there will be plenty of time for all that!

5. Finally, for this man, who we get to keep for the foreseeable future:



I am so happy to know Cardinal Dolan is coming back to New York. His example is one we so desperately need here in the US.


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