Small Things Making a Huge Difference

So, lately, pro-life activities have been front and center in my life. I am not sure how and why they have taken such a command right now, but they have. I’ve written two of my most impassioned pro-life posts ever (they were two of the most difficult to right as well). I have found myself startling out of sleep thinking of women who feel their situations are desperate and contemplating ending the life of their child.

And then I read horrific stories with happy outcomes like this one.

And then I find that there are people out there who, in small ways, are making a huge difference. I had never heard of Momastery before a childhood friend who is now a minister’s wife posted this link on facebook. She included this message: If you are prolife, this is an action you can take to actually really help someone to keep their baby and learn to take care of it.

There are people making small changes in this world that can make a huge difference. This love flash mob is one example. And it’s a powerful one. It reminds us that if you can only save five, you should not think your efforts are futile for not saving 500. It is worthy to save the five  you can. Those five are worth saving. This is only happening for 48 hours, so there is not time to hesitate. And if money is too tight, please, consider praying for the success of this Love Flash Mob.