Know when to walk away, know when to run

A friend of mine has been reading a blog recently that came recommended. She has privately emailed me a couple of times asking if she should comment because her comments would not necessarily be considered, shall we say, charitable.

I took a look. I think the blogger needs therapy and is using the blog as therapy. That being said, I realize that blogging is a form of therapy for a good many of us. But I think this person takes it to a whole new level.

My interpretation of what I read was a person deeply troubled with him/herself who is choosing to take that out on the Church and various parts of The Body of Christ…namely, other members who are not exactly like him/herself. This person hates everything trendy, modern and traditional about the Church and attacks members perceived to be any of those. While at the same time stating that  not all parts of the Body of Christ are the same nor should they be the same. I pretty much understood why my friend was so troubled reading this. Why it caused her to feel uncharitable.

My friend told me today she unsubscribed from the blog because she couldn’t take another snarky, sarcastic post that repeatedly said it wasn’t. And I agreed. She said it was seriously testing her boundaries. All she could do was pray for this person without ever seeing into his/her life again.

I asked if she wanted to like this person behind the blog and she said she did, that she cared and wanted to support someone who so obviously needs support and attention right now. But her urge to virtually smack this person upside the head was overwhelming and extremely tempting, so it was best to run to other spots and deal with this person from a distance so far it was no longer even virtual.

I can only give what my interpretation of the posts I read and I stand by that not knowing this person at all aside from the posts. I also realize that blogging is quite a bit a narcissistic art form as well as therapeutic so if this is what this person needs to get out all their frustrations and work through them to bring them further into the fold and closer to Christ. And sometimes, I think blogging can indeed help us, even with its narcissistic tendencies, to be closer to Him. But if it causes someone else bitterness or upset to read these postings, than, by all means, don’t read them!  Know when your spirit is feeling that its charity is being stretched to its limits and walk away or run if you have to. But never feel as though something that is not helping and may in fact be hurting you is something you have to stick with. In the blogosphere or anywhere else.

I am purposefully not linking to the blog in question because I do not want anyone to go there under my impressions when they might have otherwise had a different experience without my influence.


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