Music? Really?

Well, it didn’t take long before someone asked me how much of a sacrifice giving up music is/was. Well, for me, it’s a lot. I drown out a lot of crap with music. Seriously. I’ve tried the  ban on electronics, but it doesn’t do much good if your other half is not into it. At. all. And I already gave up facebook. I’ve added some serious prayer and soul-goodiness into my life already. No soda. Oh and this year Valentines Day AND our 10th Wedding Anniversary occur during Lent, giving up all meat or all sweets was just not going to happen. Not for me.

So, I had to come up with something meaningful and difficult and music is all that came to mind that was left in the end. Instead of escapism into music, maybe I will find more reason to pray. Or read the Bible. Or do any other number of wonderful things. To be unplugged from my iPod will be a wonderful release, I hope.

And yes, I wondered if I didn’t pick something overly wussy to give up,  but I’d had this odd feeling considering so much of what I gave up just before Advent, some of it my choosing, other things not, that I’d given up quite a bit of what has held me down. I always want to give up something so incredibly awesome that I can’t believe I’m doing it. But right now, this is who I am. Who I need to be. And I find I am in good company like Calah‘s, and Katherine‘s and even Jennifer and Joe Fulwiler (it’s in number six) in realizing that sometimes the sacrifice doesn’t need to be huge to the outside world, just to us. (As I type this, my iPod sits there, mocking me.) God knows the depth of our sacrifice, who cares what other mere mortals think.

During his homily this morning, our priest referenced people who work out a lot and lift weights and run and take good care of their bodies (he was quick to point out that he’s not one of them!) and then mentioned the need for a spiritual workout. I think it’s wonderful to add things in as well as take some away. Hopefully what is added will be habit-forming in a good way, and if it is a serious vice (yes, I said I intend to combat sloth this go-round) it will be curbed.

I’m not aiming to be canonized from this one Lent. But I am trying to be a better person and Catholic. We all are. And that effort, no matter how large or small it may seem, should be recognized as getting us one step closer.

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