Of All the Days…

for google reader to decide to up and quit on me (mostly just make everything since December 1st show as ‘unread’) it had to be the day that Pope Benedict XVI announces his resignation.

And my neck and back spasms decided to do a little encore of their Christmas performance.

To say my eye started twitching at all of this, is putting it rather mildly. In short, I had to do something to keep up with all the “news.” And obviously, google reader had failed me, so I decided to rejoin the ranks of twitter. Twitter kind of got thrown out there with facebook because some volunteering work I had done also involved twitter. I’ve never had the problems with it I did with facebook.

So, I’m tweeting again. My new handle is @stmonicasbridge and you can see my tweets on this page. I also started to tweet again the day Major Garrett of CBS decided he would publish what should have been a DM. So, there was some laughter amidst my angst yesterday.

Today, I awoke rather calm from all the hysterics. I have a sinus headache (complete with tooth sensitivity). I fell asleep last night to Jeff’s radio on conservative talk radio talking about BVXI being a “failure” etc and woke up to NPR saying similar things in nicer words. I am reminded of what my friend Jen Ambrose told me during yet another sex abuse scandal:  If the Church can survive the Borgias, the Church can survive this. I tweeted it yesterday because, it rang so true.  Yeah, the mainstream media seem to forget, we got this one. It’s gonna be okay. And in the midst of all the chaos and questions of yesterday, God put Bob Marley on my iPod. “Every little thing, is gonna be alright.”

Yes, there are questions. Most importantly, what will Pope Benedict XVI’s role be after February 28. My best educated guess is he will be a Cardinal, but what will that mean?

And there were some great posts out there yesterday, that, in case you missed them, are worth reading.

First, from Calah Alexander whose only known BVXI as Pope in her Catholic tenure. How Pope Benedict taught her what it truly means to be in persona Christi.

From Elizabeth Esther, who also converted during Pope Benedict’s papacy about how she views his resignation after growing up Fundamentalist and on the eve of her husband being received into the Catholic church.

From the NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez on how, “John Paul taught us how to die. Pope Benedict shows us how to step aside in humility and love.” 

And finally, from Aggie Catholics, an interesting observation from Scott Hahn.

There were others as well, but those four stood out to me and comforted me. God is in control. Even in times that feel uncertain, it is now, more than ever, that we must remember how to trust.


2 thoughts on “Of All the Days…

  1. More than anything, Pope Benedict needs our support and prayers right now. He’s an extremely intelligent and deliberate man. As a nurse, I am especially drawn to World Day of Prayer for the Sick and yesterday morning when I heard the announcement what struck me most was the day – World Day of Prayer for the Sick. I believe that’s significant to his announcement. Admitting failing health and lack of strength to carry on shows great humility. God bless him.

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