Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

Totally bummed I will have to miss my book club tonight :(. Hazards of being married to a high school teacher, he has to chaperone school dances.

— 2 —

Interestingly enough, the most searched term, before even my name, to find my blog is “Saint Lucy.” I have only done a couple of posts on Saint Lucy, patron saint of my grandmother’s family (her maiden name is Santa Lucia), I’m wondering if she is an honorary patron for me as well.

— 3 —

So bummed, Joey’s teacher submitted her resignation last week to take another position. Monday is her last day. We will really miss her but the co-teacher is awesome and they have some great student interns filling in who’ve been with the kids since the beginning of the year.

— 4 —

“I defeated the dragon with all my love” sorry, I love it.

— 5 —

Shelby starts swimming today with Special Olympics. She loves the water, so I’m sure this will be her favorite experience. She is having drum therapy too and really loving that.

— 6 —

It is raining like crazy as I write this…warm and rainy. This weather is so freaking crazy, I’m surprised no one is sicker than the few little allergies we’ve had pop up.

— 7 —

That’s it kids. Mama’s brain is fried. Hopefully I will have renewed energy next week. Same bat time, same bat place.

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