Small Successes Thursday



Joining Sherry at for some successes from this week.

1. Hey, I remembered small successes!

2. I am almost done with the taxes. Sigh. Almost. And while the federal is not so bad…the state is not a happy experience. But it’s almost over.

3. I  helped Jeff with another one of what we call our “hare-brained scheme” projects. And I didn’t roll my eyes once while doing it. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Small Successes Thursday

  1. I forgot about Small Successes today until I saw Sherry’s link on Facebook! I like your last sentence on #3…I’m sure not rolling your eyes was tough.

    • Fill out an application for a job far-far away. I don’t mind moving, but I don’t think he could live anywhere else, or he would have at this stage in the game.

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