Play: The Mitten

Yesterday, Shelby’s teacher wanted to have a little social event to celebrate how well the students have been doing. She wanted to have  a pizza party for the students and their families and one of the assistants suggested making a little play out of a story they had worked on in January entitled “The Mitten,” by Jan Brett.

Each of the students portrayed an animal, acting out some of the animal’s actions and holding a stick with a picture of the animal which they put on a giant mitten. Shelby was first, she was the mole.

016 017That is Shelby’s teacher assistant Miss Sissy helping her. Sissy came up with the idea to make a performance. In the background at the top you can see Mrs Feamster, Shelby’s teacher, holding the book which she was reading/narrating from. Mrs Feamster is new this year and she is a great addition to our school family!

Other animals who joined the mole in the mitten were a rabbit.

018 020



Then a hedgehog:

021 023


Then there was an owl

024 025


and a badger:

026 027


and a fox:



a bear…



and finally…a mouse!



And then the residents were blown out of the mitten!



And took a bow, sort of!

033That’s Shelby in the middle with her classmates and assistants (l-r) Mrs Rockenhauser and Miss Sissy (whose face is obscured) and Mrs Feamster, the teacher, on the far right.

And now time for a celebration!



The kids did so well! This was a new experience for them and they all really enjoyed themselves. Shelby especially needed guidance (as there is a table full of pizza and fruit just off to the left of these kids) but they all had a blast showing off for their parents and other guests. The principal, assistant principal, student resource officer (we have a permanent one after the Newtown shooting), and one of the bus drivers who takes a couple of the kids on his bus all came to watch and celebrate as well.

Shelby was selected as The Mole because of her sneakiness. Which is totally fitting. Her sneakiness could well be compared to this guy’s (stop at the one minute mark to avoid a curse word and obscene gesture).

We had a lot of fun and it was so great to see how all the kids have grown so far this year.




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