Conclusion: I need Caffeine

Despite adding some moderate exercise (read: walking) to my day, despite making sure I get eight hours of sleep at night, since I have stopped drinking soda, I realized caffeine is somehow one thing I really NEED to stay awake all day. Not a lot of it. But otherwise, I find myself conked out amidst a pile of laundry I am folding.

How did I realize this, well, a few weeks ago when I purchased the Mio, I would have a couple of drinks with it per day and just didn’t need the sleep. Then, on Sunday, I caved for super bowl and had a Diet Pepsi. Yesterday was a bruiser. I had to pick Joey up from school two hours early so we could all attend a play Shelby’s class put on (another post, very cute though) and while there they ordered pizza and had fruit and other sides. They had juice boxes for the kids and soda for the adults. I groaned, it was real Pepsi. I poured myself four ounces to drink with my slice of pizza. Yeah, too sweet even at that, but it kept me going the rest of the day and to our playdate after school through dinner and til bedtime.

Today, zero caffeine and I pretty much collapsed with Will on the couch playing on the iPad. I am not happy with this turn of events.

I quit drinking soda as a regular thing (it was supposed to be Diet only on special occasions, which would have been fine except for the play yesterday, but they had no way of knowing) for the health benefits and figured giving up caffeine would help as well. Backfire. This is complicated because we don’t have a coffee maker any longer because we’re not coffee drinkers. And I like tea, but I’m not really a tea drinker either. I told Jeff if he wanted to get me something for our anniversary, a Keurig would work, but that’s a whole month away and I’m not sure he’ll get it. 😦 I like the solution of the Mio except that it costs $3.50 a small bottle. And that’s at Wal-Mart.

I guess there’s time to figure this out.