So, today is better, right?

First off, the boys and I got out the door ON TIME this morning to get Joey to school. Huge progress, HUGE!!! This was after I made Shelby the ultimate breakfast of the last slice of garlic bread which she insisted was ALL her little tummy would accept. And it’s warm outside today. And sunny.

And guys, for real, I got three loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away. And dinner is in the crock pot cooking. And the dishwasher is running now. I’m on track with prayer. And this after the shenanigans of yesterday and then an acid reflux attack last night (totally my fault for not putting sugar in the sauce on the homemade meatball sub). And today I got a cat nap not because of tummy troubles but because I felt like I earned it.

I feel revived and productive. No, not everything I wanted to get done today did, but so much did that I know I really was in the right by taking it easy yesterday.

Only bummer today, I ran out of Mio yesterday. I’m still not digging plain water and the Mio really helped out a lot but it is so cost prohibitive…I know, first world problems.

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