On Abortion

From The Crescat, the truth no one else is going to tell you about abortion, post-abortive life, and your prayers to end this heinous act.

From Calah, how choice does not mean freedom.

From the guys over at Creative Minority Report, on how this battle cannot be won without God. 

From Simcha, over at NCR, why graphic images of abortion should NOT be used at the March for Life.

From Jennifer Fulwiler’s NCR archives, how graphic images can be used effectively.

From JoAnna Wahlund, a disturbing post about a figure in the “choice” movement. 

From Julie D. at Happy Catholic, a recap of Dallas’ March for Life.





2 thoughts on “On Abortion

  1. I also encourage your readers to read this post (the one chosen as best answer) on Yahoo Answers. Abortion certainly is a scary experience, but the est reason not to do it is that it distances us from God. I can imagine the many hardships that arise when one’s pregnant unexpectantly. Yet our faith tells us the truth, i.e. that God will carry us through even the most painful, agonizing experience and bless us. I encourage Christians of any denomination to go online to sites like Yahoo answers and offer encouraging, loving responses to queries posted by people considering abortion. (Don’t forget that men who urge women, or manipulate them so that they have an abortion are deep in sin too, very distanced from God.) Usually abortion is done in secret (a sign that you’re doing something unwise and sinful). So you may not be able to influence directly the neighbor or associate on the verge of making this mistake, but online there are many chances to offer loving, wise counsel.

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