Monday, Monday

…so good to me.

Well, this Monday was. Jeff was home and I cheerfully suggested Saturday that we open Monday morning with a deep cleaning of our kitchen (stop laughing, Mom). And then go to Target as I still have some Christmas gift card money left so I could purchase an actual journal for my gratitude journal I am keeping along with my One Thousand Gifts study and “book club,” AND since Target is in the same “shopping complex” as a Chick-fil-A take the kids for lunch so they could play on the playground. Jeff held me to every bit of it, and then some. Which is good, because I wanted to do it all anyway.

So, Jeff did get started a bit earlier than I did on the kitchen cleaning because since we both have the “day off” he figured he would let me sleep in a bit. Plus I had to do my Morning Prayer in the Divine Office. We did the deep cleaning. And to be honest, I did the worst of it. But I am so happy it is done. I crawled behind the stove and scrubbed. I pulled out the computer and dusted. I pulled out the refrigerator and swept and mopped. Our kitchen feels sparkly now. I even vacuumed the walls. They still need to have a Mr Clean Magic Eraser taken to them in a few spots, but overall, it is so much cleaner and better. Jeff did contribute quite a bit and while I was doing my dirty work, he picked up the living room and helped the  boys clean their room too.

Then, as promised, we packed up and headed to Wilmywood. I found a beautiful leather-bound journal that still leaves me some money on my Target gift card and Jeff gave me the gift of searching for it alone while he entertained the kids in the car. Journal in my possession we headed for Chick-fil-A which was blessedly empty when we got there. Just the right time. But, bummer, we JUST MISSED being the 100th customer and getting our meal for free. Oh well, it has happened to Jeff before, so maybe next time.  The boys were so well behaved both on the indoor jungle gym and at the table and Shelby was an angel. She even ate ALL her food.  After about an hour, we headed out.

Since we were in town already and not that far from it, Jeff suggested we take the kids to UNCW, where we both graduated from, him in 97 with a Political Science degree, me in 02 with a bachelor of fine arts in creative writing degree and him again in 08 with his teaching certificate to look around and show the kids. We were blessed with gorgeous, only slightly cool weather, as we walked around campus for about 30 minutes. It’s been almost 11 years since I graduated and I think I’ve been on campus twice since then and WOW what a difference. The schools of Nursing and Computer Science now have their own buildings. The student center and student union are huge. There is a gigantic addition on the Student Health/Rec center and on-campus Greek housing now (a little back-story, I am “Greek” and Wilmington passed an ordinance way back in 1971 or so stating that no more than 4 unrelated people could live in a house together in order to ban off campus sorority and fraternity housing, one house, Chi Phi was built prior and grandfathered in…ironically, this fraternity no longer has a chapter at the school). We walked around for a half hour showing the kids where we had attended classes and where I had lived on campus my freshman and sophomore years.

The afternoon we spent making dinner (meatloaf, yum) and Jeff was able to get some outside chores done. Will took a cat nap and Joey got some play time in with his friends.

We ignored all coverage of the Inaugeration today by virtue of being just SO busy. My normal prayer schedule was thrown way off, but I chose to embrace the change including saying my Rosary while cleaning the kitchen. I really relished the opportunity to spend time just a family enjoying life.

And speaking of life, to commemorate the the martyrdom of St Agnes in the Divine Office today, felt poignant, tragic and also in some ways, reassuring. If a young girl could help to lead the changing tide against Christian persecution under the Diocletianic Persecution, I believe there is hope that one day ALL life will be valued in the US, especially that of the unborn.