Yeah…so, Not Gonna Be Mom of the Year for 2013 either

Right now I have one child crying and another one avoiding me.

See, here’s how it goes…my kids are human garbage cans always hungry. And therefore always eating. What can I say, they’re American in that way. Anyhow, my payday is tomorrow and Jeff didn’t make it to the grocery store last night so we are out of all snack food. At least anything they will eat. Joey takes it in stride (unusual for him) and shrugs, “We ate all the snacks.” Now I have carrot sticks and celery and peanut butter, but those are not acceptable to Shelby’s picky palate, Joey’s hatred of veggies and Will, well Will just refuses to try (No doubt whose child he is…or who his mother is).

Jeff has said he will stop by the store today and get some staples and snacks (somehow we are out of butter too). But Jeff’s on his way there now and he trained them while I was working nights and he had the kid-day shift to expect snacks at regular intervals. Including around 4 pm. So, right now, Shelby is avoiding me because I have chased her out of the kitchen and she doesn’t get it. And Will is crying because he is totally dissatisfied with my snack suggestions. Mothering FAIL!

Add this to the fact that I got a note from Shelby’s teacher saying that she is stealing food from other children during snack time as well as helping herself to the refrigerator in the classroom, not keeping her shoes and socks on and not going to her assigned areas and staying there…while I appreciate the knowledge of this issue, I can’t help but feel like it’s up to me to correct it (I don’t think that was the teacher’s intention, at least, I  hope not). Shelby doesn’t steal off anyone’s plate at home but does regularly let herself into the refrigerator and she never wears socks and shoes here so….I’m coming up empty. And it’s not like I can have a conversation with her about her behavior. So I’ve had to email the teacher and ask for a meeting. If for no other reason than to see if we can put our brains together on this.

Mary, our holy mother, please pray for me. Let me see the gift in this difficult and trying time.


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