And there you have it

This has a been a beautiful, unseasonably warm week. A little wet from time to time, but overall, exceptional.

So, it would figure that today I find myself in a little funk. No particular reason why, just happened. It was bound to.

I am missing people that I was in regular contact when I was full-force social media (ie facebook and twitter) but I don’t know if that is any kind of reason to return. I get my meme fill from tumblr, I see all the cute recipes and decorating ideas on pintrest and I don’t stare at them all day long. I do miss the people’s pics and status updates. It makes me wonder if I could just sign up, check in once a day and not post anything myself. I’m sure it will pass though. Tomorrow is another day, after all.

I have made some wonderful progress though between reading, my reading group, and prayer. Prayer is my focus now and it always leads me where I need to be: God, my family, my close friends.

The homily subject this week was on temperance. All things in moderation which makes me wonder: did I give it up completely too soon? No, I needed to go cold turkey. I needed to resist the urges to get caught up in the “nothing.” And for some people a little may be okay, but I can’t wrap my head around it just yet.

I’ve been meditating along the lines of John 3:30: He must increase, but I must decrease. And I realize that the vast majority of social media takes me away from that. It increases ME but not necessarily God.

And I realize my funk is all about ME. Not God and so, I need to shake it off and refocus. Hand this cross of loneliness over. Just like that, just from writing those words, I feel immensely better, time to take a walk and enjoy His majesty. His hand of grace in  my life.