Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

Shelby lost the tooth that was “really loose” at her dentist appointment Tuesday. We’re not sure where or when exactly, but it’s gone.

— 2 —

In Shelby-related news, kind of, our dog Charlie, has lately been climbing onto her bed, we suspect, to get ahold of her two plush Clifford dogs. Only problem, Shelby has a bed spread, a satin bed spread. And once Charlie gets up there, he panics and barks. Loudly. Until an adult (we’ve tried sending Joey in, it didn’t work) comes to his rescue. Which means basically standing next to the bed telling Charlie to jump down.

— 3 —

My dinner from Thursday was a hit except the frozen, steamed brussel sprouts I made, which Jeff said tasted funny. I should have realized that when they tasted just fine to me.

— 4 —

Tonight is the night. My first night with a Christian women’s book club/study. I am sure I will be the only Catholic present, so I am happy that the book we are “studying” is Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts.

— 5 —

So far, I have stayed with no soda since the one diet one I drank Monday. Solely for the caffeine. Today is my first day all-water. I’m not a water fan. It’s colorless, tasteless…le sigh. Water it is.

— 6 —

Reading more. Another on-going goal. And my reading I mean actual books. I read a ton of blogs and news sites, but books…not as much anymore 😦 So this book club may be the kick in the pants I need.

— 7 —

And I’ve been asked to pour another cup of juice…so til next week…

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