On the Other Side of the World

First off, if you have never read anything on Jen Ambrose’s blog…you need to.

One of the things I love is her photos of China where she lives and her husband works.

So, when this appeared in my tumblr feed, I had to share.

China is a place I may never visit in my lifetime and I know so little about, so seeing pictures of it and reading about it really piques my curiosity and makes me think…bucket list??? maybe??


One thought on “On the Other Side of the World

  1. Aw thanks.

    I’ve never been to the Summer Palace in the winter. In the spring and the summer, yes. But never in the winter. This December was the coldest Beijing has been during that month in decades. I think 3 weeks right around Christmas it did not get above freezing during the day. They are already ice skating in the parks! But that much cold surely has frozen Kunming Lake, the large body of water where the Summer Palace stands. Maybe I need to add Summer Palace in Winter to my list.

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