I am horrible at Titling this post

I am now my second day soda free. Not even diet soda. The drawbacks to my lack of caffeine has been dramatic. I am constantly with a headache and tired. But I am pressing on.

I’m not specifically trying to lose weight or anything (although it would be nice), but I am trying to be healthier and realize that soda is pretty nasty stuff. I will always love it, so I need to lose it. This is not a sudden revelation. Nor is this an exercise in deprivation. Upon finding out I wasn’t drinking soda, my husband asked, “Is it Lent already?” Ah, he has been married to a Catholic nearly a decade now and knows all to well the difficulty of attempting to give something up for Lent that we’ve learned to depend on.

I’ve known the nastiness of soda for a while now. I’ve chosen to stick my head in the sand as it were, but I just decided this week that it was the week. I had one soda on Monday, but I resisted yesterday and today (so far).

I contemplated not making this news public to anyone other than the four other humans forced to live with me on a daily basis, but I wasn’t sure if there was really a reason to make this known to the interwebs. It’s never held me accountable in the past. So why do it. So people will cheer me on?

I’m not sure, really. Except I have a compulsion to do it. Maybe I need validation. If so, this is a kind of pathetic way to do it. Maybe I just want to send things into the internet void. Maybe it’s because I don’t adopt New Year’s Resolutions but am trying to create life long changes and this is how I am announcing it?

Whatever the reason, I’m giving up soda. And you should know that for no other reason than the fact that my grammar and spelling may be affected. Negatively.


2 thoughts on “I am horrible at Titling this post

  1. I’m a big believer in making oneself accountable online. I’ve embarrassed myself into spring cleaning, huge ironing bundles and even running a 10k for charity by fan faring it on Facebook or my blog. Well I’m rooting for you…
    Jennifer x

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